Academic Staff

Jade Alglave
(Professor of Computer Science, on leave at ARM)
Richard Bornat
(Visiting Professor)
James Brotherston
(Reader in Logic and Computation)
Byron Cook
(Professor of Computer Science/Joint appointment with Amazon)
Robin Hirsch
(Professor of Mathematical Foundations of Computing)
Benjamin Kaminski
Peter O'Hearn
(Professor of Computer Science, on leave at Facebook, part-time at UCL)
David Pym
(Professor of Information, Logic, and Security and Head of Group)
Alexandra Silva
(Professor of Algebra, Semantics and Computation and Royal Society Wolfson Fellow)
Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
(Associate Professor)
Fabio Zanasi
(Associate Professor)

Research Staff

Paul Brunet
(Research Fellow)
Tristian Caufield
(Research Fellow)
Diana Costa
(Research Fellow)
Fredrik Dahlqvist
(Research Fellow)
Simon Docherty
(Honorary Research Fellow)
Max Kanovich
(Research Fellow)
Sonia Marin
(Research Fellow)
Robin Piedeleu
(Research Fellow)
Estibaliz Fraca
(Research Fellow)
Gerco Van Heerdt
(Research Assistant)

PhD Students

Thomas Cattermole
Alexander Gheorghiu
Tao Gu
Kareem Khazem
Maria A Schett
Todd Wayne Schmid
Stefan Zetzsche
Will Smith
Taner Cagal
Saba Nazir
Jas Semrl
Linpeng Zhang
Hadi Wazni
Daphne Wang

Research Administrator

Julia Savage (Research Administrator & PA to Professor David Pym)

Previous Members

Bas Westerbaan
(Research Fellow)
Christoph Haase
(now at PQShield)
Louis Parlant
(now a Teaching fellow at UCL)
Tobias Kappé
(now a Postdoctorial Fellow at Cornell University)
Hasiba Afzalzada
Gabrielle Anderson
(now a Software Reliability Engineer
at Google)
Sukriti Bhattacharya
(now a Postdoctorial Fellow at M-ITI)
Nathan Chong
(now a Principal Researcher at ARM)
Simon Docherty
(now a Research Engineer at Droit)
Carsten Fuhs
(now a Lecturer at Birkbeck)
Nikos Gorogiannis
(now a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex Universtity/Software Engineer at Facebook)
Heidy Khlaaf
(now a Senior Consultant at Adelard LLP)
Brett McLean
(now a Postdoc at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis)
Kaustubh Nimkar
(now a Software Engineer at Bloomburg LP)
Juan Navvaro Pérez
(now a Software Engineer at Google)

Jurriaan Rot
(now an Assistant Professor at Radboud)
Reuben Rowe
(now a Lecturer at Royal Holloway)

Matteo Sammartino
(now a Lecturer at Royal Holloway)
Ilya Sergey
(now Associate Professor at Yale NUS College)
Jonathan Spring
(now an Analyst at CERT)
Paul Subotic
(now a Researcher at Amazon)
Stephan Van Staden
(now a Software Engineer at Google)
Gadi Tellez
(now CTO at Datapainter)
Jules Villard
(now a Software Engineer at Facebook)
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